Skiathos Blue Horizon Studios – The authentic Greek Salad


For a traditional Greek salad recipe, you will need:

Tomatoes: We were always served ripe, round, medium-size tomatoes cut into wedges. But any small to medium ripe tomatoes will do here. And as always, fresh, ripe, in-season tomatoes will kick this salad up a mega notch.
Cucumber: Either Persian or English cucumbers will do.
Green bell pepper: Again, traditional. Although I wouldn’t fault you if you subbed in a sweeter red bell pepper.
Red onion: Usually cut into thin slices.
Kalamata olives: Always whole, never pitted.
Feta: Made from sheep’s milk, and always served in a large chunk.
Extra Virgin Olive oil: I strongly recommend looking for a good-quality oil, since this will be the main ingredient of your Greek “salad dressing” recipe for the salad.
Dried Oregano: This was sometimes tossed with the salads, and sometimes just sprinkled on top.
Sea salt: Always a must, especially on the Mediterranean. That said, feta cheese is usually pretty salty, so I recommend going light with the salt and you can always add more.


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