Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our blog! This is the blog of Blue Horizon Studios, a wonderful complex of Skiathos studios and apartments. Our charming Skiathos studios are found in a quiet region just outside Skiathos Town, on the slopes of a hill with fantastic view to the town and the sea.

Skiathos island

As this is among the most popular islands of Greece, Skiathos is famous for its crystal beaches and the lounge nightlife. The southern side of the island hosts the most beautiful sandy beaches, some organized and some others secluded.

The most famous beaches of Skiathos are Koukounaries, Banana, Kanapitsa, Vromolimnos and Agia Paraskevi. Do not also miss a boat trip to the fantastic beach of Lalaria, on the northern side of the island, with the exotic waters and the large white pebbles.

Skiathos Town is the center of activities on the island, day and night. It hosts the main port where ferries arrive, while the local airport is just 2 km away. In the evenings, people head to the town to stroll around, have a dinner at the many restaurants along the port and then enjoy a drink at the lovely bars in the old quarter of Kastro.

Our Skiathos studios blog

Through this blog, we aim to present you our lovely island and suggest you things to see and do during your holidays in Skiathos. We will also frequently announce local news, such as festivals or other events, so that people who love Skiathos keep in touch all year round.

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